Sunday, August 2, 2009


The past couple of weeks has been JAMMED PACKED with family happenings most of which have taken place in PARKS of some sort. I wanted to blog a few pictures showing what's been going on with us MORGANS, but as I looked at my newly downloaded pictures I've realized there might be more than just a FEW. I love digital cameras but wow, I take WAY TOO MANY!

Marge and George hosted a large family reunion at their house a couple over the 24th of July weekend. There were over 80 family members in attendance, so I'd say it was successful! I didn't carry my camera around too much while at the house but on Saturday the 24th some of went over to Maple Canyon (a PARK of sorts) in Sanpete County to try out or like some of us (watch) some rock climbing. If we had more time I think I could have even convinced myself to give it a try. It looked like a lot of fun. Karson, Conner and Brandon were the only climbers from our family but they honored us well, and they did have the largest cheering section there.




That evening we had the Nephi Pool at the city PARK rented.

I can't leave out the Mona PARK and the annual event held there every year. Even though we had the reunion going on we still had to steal a little time to spend in Mona. I love that day! It is always fun to just hang out in lawn chairs visiting with family and friends while the kids play.
This past weekend all twelve us, yes our little family has grown to the size of twelve, did it up big in PARK City. We rented a condo big enough to house us all. It was great! We started off with the sea food buffet at the Zermott in Midway. We've got a crab lover in the family and he definitely got his moneys worth. (which makes his grandpa proud!)

We took advantage of the PARK Pass where we got unlimited rides on the Alpine Coaster, slide, Zip Rider, and the kids' favorite, the Human Slingshot. We all had a great time just being together and competely wearing ourselves out.
We just couldn't pass up a late night treat from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. We all believe strongly in the vacation diet plan!

We've had some great times this summer. I'm sad to see it coming quickly to an end. Oh well, I guess we'll have to make some good times in the Fall too!


  1. You guys have definitely had an eventful summer! I must say, I am NOT ready to go back to school... :( <---depressed, in-denial face... but it will be great to get to visit you again every day! We still need to get together for the bocce ball thing! We have LOVED that game! Maybe some evening when Ry and I get settled in our new house.

  2. My only regret here is that you didn't post any pictures of you and dad "park"ing (which happens to be your favorite weekend activitie!). Maybe next time.