Monday, October 26, 2009


We were blessed to get an extra special bonus day this October.  Conner, Kylee and Nixon were sealed as a family for eternity in the Salt Lake Temple. 

I got to be Kylee's escort so I had to be there quite early.
This was a picture I took as I was walking to the temple to meet them. It was a beautiful way to start the day!
It was truly a wonderful day in all aspects. It was so nice for them to be surrounded by so many family and friends. Nixon was a little angel he couldn't have been better.  The sealing ceremony was so beautiful the Sealer did such a wonderful job.  The Spirit was so strong. 

Afterwards Rick and Micci had a beautiful luncheon for everyone at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It topped the day off perfectly. (THANK YOU!)   Micci asked the brothers and sisters to give a little tribute to Conner and Kylee.  It all turned out so nice.

Congratulations Conner and Kylee.  We are so proud of you both.  What a wonderful blessing in your lives this will be. 

Saturday, October 24, 2009


October is always a fun month.  There always seems to be a lot of fun things going on.  We started out celebrating mom's birthday at the Cheesecake Factory. Most of us girls got together for the occasion. My aunt Darlene and her girls even met us for the evening.  It was fun just to get together, visit and of course EAT. They brought her a piece of cheesecake (of course) with the plate decorated up all cute!

(Wonder what she wished for...)
The next weekend we had another GIRLY day out, that is expect for Nixon. While Conner and Kylee were celebrating their anniversary in San Diego, we got to play with Nixon. So of course he got to come along.
We went to lunch and then to Gardner's Village.  It was another fun Fall day.

I loved this one of Ellie mothering Nixon.

Ellie didn't want a thing to do with Witchie Poo there,
while Nixon was wanting to hold her hand.
Of course part of our annual October fun is at the potato patch.  Sadly this year there hasn't been any one day that we have all been able to be there together.  I guess I've felt like I can't take pictures without the entire bunch.
I'll through in one of last year just so you have an idea of what fun it is!

Obviously it all comes down to having fun hanging out with family!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Blog Seems To Be Broken...

I'm not sure what's going on, but my posts aren't showing up on my friends and family's blog lists as updated. So I'm editing this old post with this info and letting those who care know that I've updated.


Besides all the fun projects that I was able to do this weekend the VERY best part of Fall Break was being able to spend time with the kids.

Even though the weather has definitely cooled a bit, Saturday was so pleasant outside. It might be one of the last time we get to hang out in the back yard this year.


Nixon even wanted in on the fun.

Ellie just looking pretty on her ride

Speaking of READY, SET, GO... Kaydee discovered that Luke could legitmately beat her in a foot race.  She said that previously she had just let him when to boost his ego but this time she gave it her all and LOST. So they scheduled a heat for Luke and I to race.  (I refuse to post the picture of the actual race where I am actually losing by a notable distance)
After the priesthood session Linzy and Karson invited us all over for dinner. YUM!

They served Cafe Rio style pork burritos.  They were delicious.
Of course you couldn't tell Luke and Tanner that because they were too involved in their bowling competition on the Wii.

It was a great weekend. Thanks kids!

Take a look at those lashes!

I loved the smug little grin

The Boys



While in Logan Kylee and I stopped by the DI mainly for Kaydee's benefit. We had seen a floor lamp and magazine rack that would both look great after a customized makeover. However, we walked away.  On Friday we regretted it so we went running back and of course someone else must have seen their potential. We were walking away with our tails between our legs when suddenly I noticed this-
Memories of my Grandma Kay's house came flooding back.  I also got hit with another gush of memories with some old "retro" folding chairs (that I'll reveal later)
On Saturday I fought the Utah County road construction and quickly made my way to Springville to get some laminated fabric for the seat.  I was trying hard to make it fast so that I could get back to Kaydee's to hang out and watch conference with her and Kylee. 
After being there for awhile I was finding that I was having a hard time concentrating because I was so anxious to get home and work on my new project.
And this is the result.

I LOVE IT! And so do the kids.  Tanner said, "It's just my size Grandma!"  Ellie loved climbing up and down on it, but then again, who wouldn't!


I had been trying to fit in a trip to Logan to see the kids and this weekend seemed like the perfect chance. However even with a five day weekend my stay ended up being a short one because of SO MANY things going on, all of which were good things! But because we all had a very busy weekend it meant that we had to stay up late.  We wanted to take some time to go cheer Conner on at his flag football game that night too. For anyone who knows me, they know that I don't do LATE.  I can do EARLY mornings but LATE nights are just not my thing.  But, I DID IT, I stayed up until 1:30am!

When I got to town I took Conner to school and Nixon and I waited for Kylee to get home.  From there we hit the town. Kylee has been wanting to get a wall grouping hung up in their living room so that was our quest. She had most of it ready to go we just needed a couple of odds and ends. One additional reason I enjoy going to Logan because I love going to HOBBY LOBBY.  While there we found the perfect fabric to use for throw pillows for their couch and a table topper.  I'm excited to get them made. They'll look so good with the new wall.

The thing with projects (at least for me) is that it just can't happen without making a HUGE mess in the process, and Nixon was right in the middle of it!

All layed out,. ready for the CRITICAL next step.
There is some extra pressure that goes along with this because Conner admitted last time I hung stuff in their house that he is a bit OCD when it comes to making sure things are hung EXACTLY right. In fact he sacrificed a mirror proving that!
Since Conner was preocupied trying to get the internet working he insisted that I could do it and trusted me with the project.  We used the Command Picture Hanging Strips so at least if I had trouble there wouldn't be any nail holes. They're great.

Here is the end result.  Kylee still needs to get a picture for the green frame, but it turned out pretty cute.  I wish that my camera showed the true colors of the wall because it really looks so much better in real life.
Even though it was a quick trip, I had a great time spending it with Kylee, Conner and Nixon.  I only wish I would have taken more pictures.
P.S. the "E's" are for Edwards

This is a picture I took out of my sunroof  on my way out of town when I came to the sick realization that I hadn't taken many photos.  


Yes, I'm talking DI as in Deseret Industries. Kaydee has a new love and she invited me to share it with her on Thursday.  I could tell that she was VERY excited about our trip to the DI because she called me everyday that week just to make sure that we were still on.
Kaydee already had a plan in mind so that made shopping much easier. Otherwise you could honestly get really caught up in there trying to find inspiration in the odds and ends of treasures. We were actually in and out fairly fast with our basket full of plates, candle holders and vases.

      After our stop to pick up some spray paint and we were in business!
Linzy was excited to join in on the fun too.

 Notice the toxic mist around us!

The Finished Product
(Cake Stands)
Now  I've just got to make some cakes!