Sunday, August 23, 2009


As I was going through my picture folders (on the computer, because I'm a failure at printing them off and putting them in any type of folder what so ever) I was constantly being reminded of how blessed our family is. I already knew it, but seeing pictures of the special people in my life and the things we've done together and places we've been, I truly feel blessed.

And, speaking of blessings, we had a special one last Sunday when we were all there to see Conner bless Nixon. It was such a beautiful blessing.
Conner- we're proud of you!
The boys-giving Nixon some advice right before church.
After church we had a little brunch at the Mortezazedah's home.

Kristy and Tony- Thanks so much for your hospitality, you guys are AWESOME!

Sadly, I don't have a picture of Nixon in his blessing outfit due to a "blow-out". But he did look darling in it. They're going to get some pictures of him in it soon so I'll put them on then.
Pooper, Grandma Margaret & Micci (Conner's Mom)
Ellie helping herself to Statton's plate. I think she made a friend!

On Saturday night, we had our Mansfield Family Reunion at the Scera Park in Orem. It is always fun to see everyone. They were saying that my grandparents, Rulon & Ilene have a posterity of 162. Wow, to think they only started with four children, it amazes me. What a blessing that is!I pray that I don't ever take my blessings for granted. I thank the Lord everyday for all that I have and all that we have as a family. Life is good!


  1. Hi Connie! Thank you for your message on my blog. This post is super cute! I can't wait to see pics of little Nixon in his blessing outfit! Hope all is well!

  2. How fun!!! All your grandkids are so dang cute!! To bad about the blow out! Hey I wanted to let you know I had to make my blog private. If you e-mail me your e-mail I will add you. Thanks,