Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Fun

It's been awhile since I've updated my blog so while I've got a FEW spare moments I thought I'd do my best to put some pictures of the recent happenings in our lives. I hate to even stop to think about what day it is for fear that the reality that summer is slipping by REALLY fast will come to my attention. So hopefully the passing of time will go unnoticed and we can take a lot more pictures of a lot more SUMMER FUN before it all comes to a close.
These are pictures of a fishing trip to
Burriston's Ponds with the kids

The boys were so excited with the possibilities of snagging LOTS of fish and were so darn patient in the beginning. I was so impressed with their ability to sit still and quiet. However after not even getting a nibble after much waiting their hopes of a BIG catch quickly diminished along with their patience, stillness and quietness. We did have a great time despite the lack of not being able to end the evening with a fish fry. We opted for an ice cream from Reed's instead. A much better choice, if I say so myself! Sadly I didn't get a good picture of Ellie, who was tied into her stroller for fear she would become fish bait.


Playing Bocce has become one of our family's favorite pasttimes. We had a HUGE tournament on Father's Day evening. We drew names to make up the teams. In the end Conner and Casie were the champions. I wish I had more pictures but I was too focused on the games!

3 on 3 Basketball Tournament on the 4th

The boys (Karson, Launey & Conner) played in the 3 on 3 basketball tournament on the 4th. It was fun watching them play together. They had some very close games that all came down to the bitter end. They have plans to turn on the heat next year and at least get matching T-shirts!
The BEST fans in the world

Alright, Ellie might not be the BEST fan but she is the CUTEST!

Up and coming Golf Pros
Tanner is sure to be famous for his unique putting style!
There you have it, just some of the pictures showing some of our SUMMER FUN. This week with the good ole Ute Stampede there will be lots more fun to be had!

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