Sunday, April 26, 2009

I've got the "BLUES"

I'm not sure if I caught the BLUES from Kylee after she had the baby, but I caught them non the less. We've been in the market for a new living room sofa. I had looked and looked for something that caught my eye but it just wasn't happening. I finally decided to bring several swatches of fabric home to see what might work that way. Well, there were a few BLUE swatches in the batch and for some reason I was always drawn to them. I decided to hit the streets again and this time look for something BLUE. I wasn't having much success but decided at the last minute to go to Macy's, 'just in case'. And what do you know, there it was, and on clearance too!

George went and picked up a couple days later. He called and said, "wow, it's really BLUE, are you sure about this?"I said I was, but inside I was thinking, 'oh no, what have I done?' Because it was on clearance, once it left the store, it was ours. Well he got it home, and once again I saw the vision. That night I made the red pillows and the next day I hurried to the city to round up some accessories to bring it together. I'm happy with the living room transformation. I've decided my BLUE couch is going to be a lot of fun. I can change the accent color easily, and as I was shopping I noticed a lot of different color choices out there, but for the time being it's RED.

On Saturday, Kandi, Diane and I went for a "girls day away." We had appointments for pedicures first thing. I sat in the chair totally planning on having my toes painted with your basic french style. But something got in to me and said, "I'll do BLUE." I'm still not too sure what I was thinking, but they won't last forever and then I'll go back to the basic. I guess I've just got the BLUES!


  1. Oh aren't you a cute mommy! I really don't know where i came from because I don't have any of your creativity! I'm excited to have you to basically decorate our whole new house because if i did it then we'de be in for some trouble. I'm SO excited to come home next weekend and see your living room and everyone else too! I can't wait for the summer months! yahoo!!! :) Love you! Cute toes by the way...I was totally shocked you said you chose blue for them but I guess now I know why!

  2. Good job Connie, I love the blue couch and it goes so well with the blue toes. I dream of the days I can just freely escape and get a pedicure! Good for you! Question, do your pillows have that professional edge, you'll have to tell me sometime how you MADE them!

  3. It all turned out perfect! Loved the story! You are so creative! Now you get to help me when it's time to accesorize!