Friday, May 1, 2009

Summer Vacation...Or So They Thought

Kaydee and Launey decided they needed a little break in the action, and when I say action, I mean ACTION! So they asked us if we'd like a little ACTION at our house for a bit. The minute the ACTION - AKA; Luke, Tanner & Ellie arrived you would have thought they had been dropped off at Summer Camp. They scurried for the back yard and within minutes Luke was up a tree, Tanner had all the sports equipment out and Ellie was riding the big wheel in reverse as fast as she could go.
After a bit of playing we took a break and went on a field trip to see Kandi and Jason's ten new puppies. All three of them loved this little excursion. For some crazy reason Tanner stripped off his shoes and britches shortly after we got there so that he could dig in the dirt and jump on the trampoline. We're not really sure why since he has never been required to strip at home for such things, but oh well...

After that we went back to our tropical oasis in the back yard for a dip in the pool (hot tub). The kids were stoked about that of course. In the end there was more water out of it than in with all the splashing.

Ellie tried to get her water fun in by playing with the hose. After a minute or two of a frozen belly Bampa got in the hot (warm) tub with her to warm her up. She loved it and was hard to hang on to. She's not afraid of the water and insists she can swim on her own!

We enjoyed our ACTION packed afternoon and evening, and we're looking forward to another summer camp soon. Thanks kids, for coming to our summer camp!

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  1. How exactly does one sign up for your summer camp?! I'm ready for some action, too! :) Btw, your yard is beautiful. Sicknening.