Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

When am I ever going to stay home? I feel like I've been such a renagade lately, and it's sure been fun!

Last weekend we went to Vegas. For the past couple of years we have ended up going down to watch the MWC Basketball Tournament. It works out nice because George is usually in St. George for the Nicholas & Co. Food Show so we just extend the weekend and make the most of the great weather this time of year. Since we were down there we were able to go to see Keisha and Paul married in the St. George Temple Friday morning. That was also an added bonus! Congratulations to them!

This year was especially fun because Conner was playing in a flag football tournament with a bunch of his cousins. They had earned a spot in the tournament from winning a big one in Mesquite over Thanksgiving. They played against some pretty big teams and ended up losing (their one and only loss) to a team in the last seven seconds, which kept them out of the championship.


We watched BYU and Utah play basketball, Karson and the Jones boys bowl, us girls shop, Conner play football and everyone EAT.

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  1. Hello Mother!! I like your vegas post! We are missing a picture of you though! Conner and I are just sitting at the computer lab trying to keep busy here as long as we can because we get scared being in our new clean house! Ever since you left we have been very cautious about everything, especially making sure people take their shoes off, and that our bathroom stays clean!! We were so so so happy that you and grandma came to clean for us!! We owe you big time!! I guess it is also good for you though as well, so when you come stay with me you don't have to shower in mold! :) Well, thanks again and we love you very very much!!! Hope all is well! Hopefully I'll see you like...tomorrow or something! Cross your fingers! :)