Monday, March 9, 2009

C is Me! is Born

Well here I am, a grandma with a blog! What fun, what fun. I've had so much fun browsing through pages and pages of the blogs of so many creative people. I'm hoping that if I start my own blog I can get fired up to mimic some of their creative ideas too.

I've got a huge list of "favorites" bookmarked on my computer of quilting bloggers. I love checking them often to see all the new projects everyone is working on. I'm dreaming of becoming one of them. I've just got to channel my spare time in the right direction and instead of checking out everyone elses work, I've got to get some of my own done.

Besides using my blog to stimulate my creative juices, I'm excited about using it as a bragging blog as well. I've got three adorable grandkids and we are expecting another little boy in three short weeks. This one will be a whole new make and model so we are extremely excited to see what Kylee and Conner will produce.

This should be fun, even for a grandma!

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