Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gifts to Inspire Creativity

Well it's a fact that I'm getting old! I tried to deny it, but my birthday came and went last week adding another wrinkle. Along with the wrinkle(s) it also brought a lot of well wishes and some pretty nice gifts, plus a fantastic piece of poetry from my dear sisters! Despite the fact that another year was added, it was a great day!

George even got up early to decorate. ( I wish I would have taken a picture of his work) When I got back from my run in the morning he had carefully placed handcrafted birthday greeting on the back door. I think I hurt his feelings by not noticing it though. But, my argument was that it was kind of camoflauged because it was white paper on a white door and scripted in a fine point pen. I left it hanging for a few days so that he'd know that I was truly touched.

My family all called to wish me a happy birthday, my sisters emailed, the kids at school sang and decorated the board with well wishes. Karson and Linzy made me dinner that night, their delicious Maui Influenced Banana Pancakes. Speaking of food Kaydee & Launey and the kids took us out for dinner the night before at Red Lobster (Luke's pick), it was YUMMY! Marge, George, and my friends all spoiled me with some great gifts. I spoiled myself too, in Vegas the weekend before.

I took a couple of pictures to the "gifts given to inspire creativity". My mom gave me a GOOD pair of sewing scizzors. I am going to guard them with my life! SueAnn gave me a really neat photo box with albums, quilting pins, binding clips, and a gift certificate to Gracie Lou's. Marge and George gave me money to help me afford the things I'll be cutting and pinning.
So all in all the wrinkles are well worth all that comes with them. It was a great day because of the great people in my life!

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