Sunday, October 4, 2009


Yes, I'm talking DI as in Deseret Industries. Kaydee has a new love and she invited me to share it with her on Thursday.  I could tell that she was VERY excited about our trip to the DI because she called me everyday that week just to make sure that we were still on.
Kaydee already had a plan in mind so that made shopping much easier. Otherwise you could honestly get really caught up in there trying to find inspiration in the odds and ends of treasures. We were actually in and out fairly fast with our basket full of plates, candle holders and vases.

      After our stop to pick up some spray paint and we were in business!
Linzy was excited to join in on the fun too.

 Notice the toxic mist around us!

The Finished Product
(Cake Stands)
Now  I've just got to make some cakes!

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  1. Wow! They turned out so cute. You guys do some fun and amazing things.So Cute:)